Installing a sump pump

jibbaJuly 26, 2006

I've posted on this issue previously--looking for solutions and have finally decided on a course of action.

I have a few leaks where the brick wall meets the concrete floor of my home. These are the only leaks in the basement, but water leaking through runs across the floor and has caused damage after very heavy rains. I can't seem to locate the problem on the exterior of the house, so my thought is to jackhammer a trench in the corner where the water leaks are, and install a sump pump.

I'd like to avoid hiring a specialized basement waterproofing company that would charge me thousands and make it a DIY with my handyman.

Beyond renting a jackhammer and installing a basic sump pump (probably battery operated, as heavy storms usually mean power outages), what else do I need to do/know?



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Hey jibba.
Just wondering if an epoxy seal (injection) would stop those leaks? Have you inquired about this? I had success with this method fixing leaks in my last 2 houses.

Just a thought.

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