Owens Corning Offered to Finish My Basement at a 'huge' discount

ryaninvaJuly 2, 2010

I received a call today from an Owens Corning rep today. They claimed to be looking for subjects for model homes and offered a "huge" discount on basement finishing if I chose to accept their free design. Furthermore, they offered to discount the price even more if I was willing to host an "open house" for friends and neighbors to showcase their work.

This all sounds too good to be true already. (Am I that lucky guy, really?)

I'd like to know if anyone has heard of this or is it just a marketing scheme?

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If you do a search on this site for Owens Corning you will get quite a bit of input.

Generally local contractors are licensed to install. Many people have experienced high sales pressure, costly projects and often less than satisfactory results.

If you're seriously considering, know what a tradionally finished space would cost too, check out other basements completed by your contractor and be VERY specific on requirements with permits issued.

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It's a marketing program, that's for sure. :-)

There's another thread in this forum about the OC basement system. There's nothing "wrong" with it per se but it tends to be far more expensive than traditional construction, has far fewer finish options, installation quality can vary greatly from installer to installer, and they seem to use pretty high pressure sales tactics.

I haven't looked at it in a few years but a 50% discount for being a "show" house should bring you into the ballpark of traditional construction.

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Thanks. I've ready the OC posts on the forums and I'm preparing myself for the sales pitch this evening. My initial thoughts were that they would be willing to throw in lots of options if they wanted it to be a show property but I wanted to check here since that seemed like a reach. I was hoping to find someone whose basement became a show house if I was lucky.

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My Buddies in Lagos. They've got a deal for you too!

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