How many lights do I need?

christie_sw_moJuly 10, 2006

We're getting ready to install can lights in our basement great room and I can't find info on spacing. The room is 16 x 25. It has a drop ceiling and is 4 tiles deep

(4 * 4ft = 16ft) by 12 1/2 tiles wide (12 1/2 * 2ft = 25ft) Hope that makes sense. Just wanted to try to show which way the tiles run.

There's virtually no natural light in the room so I want to be sure it's bright enough. DH mentioned that maybe we should stagger the lights. I'm not sure that would look right. I was thinking about putting either three or four down each of the two long sides of the room. They would be two feet from the wall if I center them on the outside row of ceiling tiles. I think it's going to be easier to get the spacing to come out even if we put four down each side rather than three. Still wondering if we need some kind of light fixture in the center of the room. Maybe we only need one can in each corner and a center fixture. Would that look right?

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8 sounds good. A rule of thumb is a recessed light will project a cone of light with a base equal to the height. For example, a light in an 8' ceiling will cast an 8' circle of light on the floor. I would probably put them a little further out in the room than 2 ft off the wall. Buy some extra tiles and cut some holes and see what they look like. I would also add some switched receptacles or sconces for ambiant lighting. Overhead recessed light can be pretty sterile feeling. Consider installing an egress window, it will add safety and natural light. My area requires an egress window to finish the basement, even though its not a bedroom.

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