Which DryLok product to use?

msypJuly 12, 2013

Basement floor in the house we bought has some sealer or paint on the concrete and carpet with padding on top of it. In some places that paint-or-sealer chiped off. We want to remove old carpet and padding and install glue-on comercial grade carpet. BUT, first we would like to seal again basement floor to prevent moisture from penetrating carpet from the bottom through floor. Walk-out basement with no water problem, except some pipe broke recently and spilled on old carpet. I've called 800-845-5227 two times, spoke to technician, to find out which DryLok product to use in our case. And it is still not clear. First they suggested DryLock concrete protector,but description of that product does not give impression that it would protect carpet on top of floor from moisture. Second time, DryLok concrete protector with salt lock was suggested, and it's two different products and it does not say they would protect carpet on top of floor from moisture. And I was told that old paint-or-sealer has to be removed first, which we have no time to do. Which DryLok product we should use ? Thank you for all replies

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Windows on Washington Ltd

Nothing DryLok makes will keep water from coming up if it is backed up behind the slab.

Don't bother with it.

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