Basement Dillema- removing wooden subfloor

yag123July 10, 2013

Our basement was flooded recent;y after failure of subpump. I inherited this finished basement from previous owner three year ago.

We had to remove carpet and most part of the drywall after that. After removing drywall, we can see that bottom part of
my basement wall have moisture on them which is not getting removed even after running himidifier contineously. I understand
that I need to target this problem first from outside of the basement wall where I am planning to move water away from base by
way of providing slop. But I would also like to paint inside wall with something like Damp lock to prevent moisture coming in.

But I have stubmble across one road block: Wooden subfloor. We have wooden subfloor on all my basement surface and it is about
two inches high. This is presenting below three problem:

1> With this wooden subfloor I wil not be able to apply damplock paint on the those part of the wall.
2> Wooden subfloor has become really uneven at some of the places after absorbing moisture and it will greatly influencing my decision
of installing ceramic tiles on the floor.
3> Wooden subfloor may rot in future and may pose bigger problem. It has no such indication at the moment though.

But removing wooden subfloor doesn't appear to be easy job either as I have to remove all my stud(most metal and some wooden) and
then removing subfloor. There are some structure like Bar and utility room door are making my job really difficult.

So all in all this is posing great challenge for DIY guy like me. I would like to prevent professional help as much as I can.
This is due to budget constraint.

Can someone comment on what are my recouses here? Should I take risk of removing wooden subfloor or should I keep them?

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