Moving out but Landlord is being obnoxious

dbrookelNovember 20, 2006

This is a rather long post but I feel like I need to tell from the begining for y'all to understand the situation. (Also on a side note I have always paid my rent early or right on time and have never had any problems with the landlord other than him charging me double for a few bills but I caught that and it was remedied).

I have lived in the house where I currently am for the past year and a half, when I moved in it was okayed by my landlord that I have one dog. I had a large shepard mix and he knew this. My shepard mix got out a couple of months ago while I had a petsitter watching her and ran away. I'm nervous living in my house without her because it's right near the location of a restaurant that is no longer open (it was very upscale and the only thing at the end of the road was the restaurant and my house and the restaurant burned down this summer and will not reopen) and people drive in my driveway and I have even woken up in the middle of the night and heard people walking around in the parking area. So a month or so ago after alot of research and countless hours speaking to adoption places I got an 8 month old Doberman. Now he is house trained and has a huge crate that he stays in when I'm not home and doesn't chew at all, he's also extremely sweet unless he thinks that I feel threatened and then he will growl. My issues with the landlord started a week or so after I got my dobe, he was supposed to go to the house and let the repairman in to fix the dishwasher and stay with them while they finished repairs. He decided instead to drive to my house around 9 in the morning and just unlock the doors so that they could let themselves in unsupervised and do the repairs. Nevermind that I have alot of expensive stereo and computer equipment in the house. On top of this I got a nasty voice mail telling me that we needed to talk immediately about the dog that was in "his house". Now it was in writing when I moved in that I was allowed to have one dog and since my other dog ran away before I got the dobe so I have only ever had one dog in this house. He also left a message soon after that about raising the rent. I was planning on moving anyway because after my lease was up I could never get him to sit down so that we could resign it and he told me that he was planning on selling the house and the property and that since I didn't have a lease this should be an issue. I like living there but I didn't want to have to have him taking people through my home as he was trying to sell(or just opening the door in the morning so that they could go in).So after playing phone tag with him for a week I sent him a letter along with the rent check for November (in the 2nd week of OCT so a good bit more than 30 days) and let him know that I was going to be moving into a larger place that would be better for me and my dog I had managed to luck out and find a place two days after the repairman incident (although I still don't understand why he got so nasty the dobe in the first place) so he went ahead and listed the place as available to move in (rent) for the day after I move out. In the past two weeks though he has been driving me crazy wanting me to call these potential renters back and schedule appointments to show the house, fine but I'm in the middle of packing and don't intend to move all the boxes or shove the stuff that I have sorted for packing into a corner or closet plus I don't think it's fair for him to expect me to give up a lunch especially since he has been so rude, to show his house, I also go get my dog and go to the park on lunch breaks. But I got home on my lunch to get the dog out and found that someone had tried to open my back door (they had a key b/c the lock was fine) but weren't able to (because I never use the back door and it is always deadbolted I put my dogs crate in front of that door) I could tell someone had tried to come in the dog because the crate was shove sideways a little by the door and not only that the door wasn't even shut it was sitting open about 3 inches, my front door was closed but it too was unlocked. I don't know if my landlord gave someone the key or just decided to come over and let himself in to see if I had cleared out my packing mess. On top of this he keeps calling about doing a walk through, which I completely understand and don't mind doing at all but I'm not going to do this until the movers have gotten everything out and I have had a chance to clean. I'm at my whits end and don't know what to do other than just ignore him for the next two weeks until I move. I have rented many places over the years and have NEVER had someone just open my house and leave it open all day so that repair can get done, nor have I ever had someone want to do a walk through before I get my stuff moved out and have a chance to clean (if we did that we'd have to do it again after the movers get done and it's been cleaned. I have always taken good care of the homes and apts that I have lived in and have even gotten thank you cards from my last landlord after I moved out and he mailed my deposit check back thanking me for taking such wonderful care of the place.) I know it's only two more weeks but if anyone has any suggestions I'd love to hear them. I didn't mean for this to be this long but didn't know how else to explain it. Thank you for your thoughts. God Bless

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My suggestion is to just move out as fast as possible (obviously). He probably freaked out b/c the new dog is a dobe. A breed that (undeserved or not) has a bad reputation. This breed is often banned in apartments. Maybe it has something to do with his insurance that won't allow dobes. Although I would have expected him to mention this by now. Personally I would have let the landlord know before I got a new dog.
You are NOT obligated to show the apartment to new potential renters. You should not be responsible for setting up showings either. If you have not broken the lease, he will just have to wait until you are out of the apt. (unless the lease says otherwise?) I would have made a police report when you found your doors open and unlocked.
When you get to the walk through, take pictures! video record it if you can, hold up the day's newspaper in the frame. This landlord sounds like he may get picky. I'd record it while he is there so you can get him on camera saying everthing is ok (or what needs to be repaired /payed for.)

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