ur so trash-y

diydanaNovember 5, 2003

so what about these renters around here?

can't beat 'em...do i join 'em? they throw the burger wrappers and pop bottles out of the car onto the grass. do you have that problem? this teen kid will be driving in the parking lot w/ the window down and throw wrappers right out...ppl watching. makes me wonder what he does when no one is looking.so sick of the trash ppl throw around.

Do you have that problem?

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I am beginning to realize that more and more this world is being consumed by people that have no respect for themselves or anyone around them. Not only is it renters, it's everyone. I see it everyday. People are just out and out rude. They throw trash out of their car windows, they scream at the top of their lungs at their kids. They leave their unwanted dogs chained up and barking outside. "Not my kid!" or "Mind your own (insert favorite 'F' word here) business!", is what you'll get, god forbid you say anything. I am getting more and more disgusted with this world. I know that may sound extreme, but lately my motto has been that I have more respect for plants and animals than I do humans.

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I recommend reading some good eastern philosophy when I'm feeling this way. Taoist, Buddhist, something like that. There is probably some good western stuff too...
However, I struggle with the same thing. Sometimes it seems like a good epidemic (a real one) would clear things up. That's awful, eh? I point my finger at television, that awful stuff.

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Did you report this to your manager?? I am a manager at the complex I live in, and I listen to these things seriously.. I would first do a verbal warning, request for the behavior to stop... If it still continues, I would send a notice to them that goes in their permanent file.. (lease violation) Three written, and they are OUT the door...

I am kinda strict.. But I follow the rules.. And it isn't like we are talking rocket science here.. Respect your home, the grounds, and the people who live in the complex...

I often wonder why when these things happen they ARN'T reported immediatly??? A lot of people will call mad as sin and say things like "my upstairs neighbor has been stopping around and playing music loud for the last two weeks..." Well, why did you let it go on so long?? I cannot fix it if I don't know it is a problem... I do my best but I really am only two eyes... This complex is HUGE!!! I am grateful for the additional help in keeping the complex a nice place to live... And any manager worth their salt would NEVER tell who a complaint was from.. EVER...

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our condo president is a rager. you tell her, she don't care or she screams at you. long story...they all pretty much suck....the whole board. I would give condo warnings and tickets out for free to evil doers but they won't let us do a thing about the losers around here.They tell us to shut up and pick up a mess when we see it. swell eh?

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It isnt just renters. I live on a corner lot and constantly have trash thrown out into my yard. I once had a guy throw out a beer bottle while I was going for the mail. He was very upset when it hit the side of his car a fw seconds later. Probably not the best solution but extremely satisfying. Warning: dont try this unless you're a large, well armed man.

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LMAO you threw it back!

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**our condo president is a rager. you tell her,**

That is too bad that it is like that.. Can you vote them out?? Have you thought about being on the board?? I couldn't/wouldn't live under those kind of conditions.. I could call her if you would like.. :)

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funny thing is she is the only person that has lived in these condos since built. Original owner.
no one wants the job. I was supposed to be on the board but that never went through. she asked me i said ok but i never looked into it. i tell them i will do things around here, just ask me... always for free the posistions.... i would like to give out warnings to the trash throwers....
hmm...condo tickets.
old ppl are on the board...let's get some newer..younger blood in there.

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