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jen5276November 14, 2005

Well, I posted a few weeks ago regarding my dishwasher not being hooked up. I moved into the apartment in October and discovered that the dishwasher was never connected, the previous tenant never used it, so the landlords werenÂt aware of this problem.

So, I informed the landlord about the problem, and she told me she would have her husband come and look at it. After he came to see it, he discovered that it was never connected and that he would need to call an electrician. He told us that he would let us know when they would come to install it.

This was about 3 weeks ago and I have heard nothing. I spoke to the woman a few times and she told me that they are playing phone tag with the guy and would get back to me. She seems like she is telling the truth, but I canÂt be sure if she is just pacifying me to get me to leave her alone. She told me (on the 1st when she came to get the rent) that if they couldnÂt get the guy they know, they would call someone from the yellow pages.

I donÂt have a lease in this apartment, and IÂm beginning to worry that these people might be deadbeat landlords. I also have no doorbell, and she also told me that it would be fixed, to no avail. I am sick of calling her and feeling like I am harassing her, however, I would like these things to be fixed, particularly since Thanksgiving is coming and I would like to have the dishwasher working by then.

I really wish that there was some kind of screening for landlords before you move (the same way they like to screen us). LOL I just seem to have the worst luck with these situations..

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Check with your local college and see if they have an organization that keeps comments. My school had a non-traditional student organization that kept a file of apartments and associated comments.

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