Tile Floor & H20?

jibbaJuly 12, 2006

Similar to many others on this forum, we finished our basement in our 1920s DC rowhouse and I have had to throw out all the berber carpeting and pads following torrential rains that resulted in water in our basement.

I will not put carpet back in because this happens about once a year--a storm that drops 6"-8" of water in a 24 hour period always results in some water in our basement--not a flood, but enough to cause damage.

The water comes in along the wall that separates my home from my neighbors (there is a space between our respective house walls) so obviously it is getting in along that space and since I am downhill it flows into my basement.

I have re-routed gutters and can't seem to solve the problem. In any case, I would like to put flooring down that would not be ruined by this once a year problem. Is tile the answer, or will a small amount of water seeping under/along the tile be problematic as well?

Thanks for your thoughts and comments.


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I'm also in the DC area and know those homes well. (Lived in Glover Park for a while.)

Does the gap (how wide?) between you and the neighbor extend the full length of the house, or just a portion? Under the roofline I've seen that space filled with a pitched board, etc, and that can work pretty well. Kind of like a wide, wooden gutter, and that's what we had on our home. My friend in Burleigh also has something like that, and that basement is also dry.

Other option, if someone can squeeze in there, is to pour some concrete, grooved and sloped outward, like you see on hills near highways.

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"Burleith", actually...but you probably knew that.

I'm wondering how to clean & prep (for tile) an old concrete basement floor (assuming this one is). Is etching or "really serious" cleaning required?

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