Mitigation System?

JJAV1234July 22, 2014

My basement had a radon reading close to 4 a year ago. Recently we gutted the basement to refinish it but we want to take care of the radon issue first. We looked into a mitigation system, which looks like it would help the problem but we are also considering another option since we get a little water down there too. We are considering using Blue Max to seal the walls and floors. From my understanding, the Blue Max will stop the radon from entering my home just as well as the mitigation system. Anyone know if this is correct? I would prefer to just use the Blue Max to solve both the water and radon issues and forgo the mitigation system all together.

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Stopping water entry from the inside of a foundation does nothing to stop water damage inside the wall and under the footings. As for radon, even if a water-based sealant could seal every visible crack and crevice it will miss the many other entryways into the basement for an invisible, odour free gas, such as drains, voids in blocks, water-lines.

Here is a link that might be useful: Radon mitigation systems

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