Sump pump question - Southern NJ

duffiecatJuly 18, 2013


I live in Cherry Hill, NJ where we have had lots and lots of rain in June and some days in July. The last day that we had lots of rain was last Friday - July 12.

Yesterday, I noticed that the area in which my sump pump drains is absolutely soaked and muddy. It is about 10 feet away from my house. Doing some observation yesterday, I "think" the sump pumped out about 5-6 times yesterday/today.

I would have thought that since it has not rained in 5 days that there wouldn't be much water going into the sump pit anymore? Or could this continual water be because of the overall excessive rains in June and a little in July affecting groundwater?

I have my plumber coming to check it out tomorrow but I would sincerely appreciate hearing any advice/experiences. Thanks!!!

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Hard to avoid the obvious answer that draining the sump water ten feet away from the house isn't far enough. I run the sump and downspouts as far down in the yard as possible--50 feet and more.

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worthy -

I wish I could drain further than 10 ft but with my property size, cannot.

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Is there no more than 10 feet to the lot line around the entire house? (And, no, I'm not advocating draining to the neighbouring properties.) Is it permisable to run the sump to a municipal storm drain or ditch?

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