Input on sofa, please?

Marvin Forssander-BairdApril 16, 2012

This sofa was given to me by a friend from a beautifully maintained old home around the corner. I have my opinions on age, but would like some second, third, etc.

Original upholstery, no zippers and the cushions feel like classic horsehair. Very sturdy construction, as expected, with two cross braces inside the bottom from front to back. If only furniture was still made this way as a matter of course......

I have yet to clean and polish the wood and the library is a restoration in long, long progress......

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1930's....likely mohair fabric.

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Marvin Forssander-Baird

Thanks, Linda. That adds up and meshes perfectly with what I was thinking. I was so hoping that you would hop onto it because I know you have probably seen much more of this than I have. Thanks again!


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totally 1930s

And really NICE!

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My grandma had a sofa with that fabric . I loved the feel of it. I wish I could find the same fabric in a different color for an old sofa I just inherited. Grandma had the sofa in 1950 but she probably had it a long time before that.

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Marvin Forssander-Baird

Thanks guys. This was given to me by a friend who owns a beautiful 1926 Cotswald cottage in the neighborhood and only rents it as a corporate rental to preserve the property. The sofa was stored in the house when he purchased it. Apparently, it has been in the house since it was new.

Sugeysgranny, I understand what you mean by the feel of the fabric. There is nothing that can compare to the wonderful fabrics that were used before synthetics took over so much. I am just thrilled to have this with the fabric in such great condition. The legs will polish right up, when I ever have time.

This is my new baby, even more so that the Eastlake in my parlor, since it had to be completely reupholstered.

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