national sewing machine

clarkjdApril 7, 2012

i have a very old sewing machine...i have been told it was made by National Sewing Machine in the late 30's or early 40;s... it just has the word Delight on the head it is a cabinet style with 3 drawers on each side. does this sound right to you?? i do have photo's if you would like to see them...thank you.. jimmie

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Late thirties, early forties (I'm assuming you meant 1900s) is not old for a sewing machine. I am still using models older than that. National has been in business under that name since 1890. They made machines under their own name, and under other company names from the cheap Oaklands and Juveniles to the stitchwells and the wonderful and still very much used Damascus. Are you talking an electric machines, a treadle. We need some more info please and yeah a pic would be nice. I am a sewing machine nerd. I collect them, and know a few resources where many machines can be dated by serial numbers.

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There was/is someone who used to hang around here with the user name of damascus Annie.....she knows her stuff....I mean REALLY. Search her out.
Linda C

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She isn't around much anymore, I mentioned her initially here because she was a regular in the quilting forum where I frequent a lot. I haven't seen her log on in at least a year. She has like 80 machines in her collection. Hope you can rouse her. Sorry Linda implied I couldn't help you. I am not as well versed as Damascus, but what I can tell you is at least accurate.

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I have an identical machine, right down to the decals. However, my machine is labeled Ohio Farmer. Your machine is badged, just like mine. I think you will find that machine is manufactured by Davis, formerly of Dayton, Ohio. That is the machine attributed to manufacturing the Ohio Farmer. Both your and my machine sit in a cabinet with the Davis wrought iron treadle design, seen on machines carrying the Davis nameplates. If we do actually have the identical maker and model, the serial numbers should be located on the plate over the feed dogs probably along with suggested needle sizes. See if yours isn't as well. There will be no other manufacturing information on the machine head, because the manufacturer did not want the badged machines linked to their own expensive machines. National Sewing machine company also baged out a lot of their line. Both sold to Sears, I believe under yet another name. I can shoot you a picture of my machine for comparison if you'd like. My machine is vintaged late 1800s to first decade 1900s and has the long bobbin/vibrating shuttle. Davis has some patent data about their shuttle designs as well and that's another way of pegging the manufacturer.

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I hope that someone can help with what we beleive to be an old treadle National machine. The only information which we have is a serial number. It is either 1630589 or

We are desperate to determine model and year of manufacture. We will sincerely appreciate ay help.

Jim Quinn

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I have a Gauranteed Two Spool Sewing Machine. It is a treadle. It says on the table ironworks that it is National. I need a bobbin case. The tension bar is broken off. Does anyone know where I can buy one? Thanks, Jane

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i wrote a request for info on my old machine what happened to it

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