Is there a forum anywhere for refinishing furniture?

marti8aApril 20, 2011

I did a search and only found one, and it wasn't very active. I need an opinion from experienced refinishers before I do anything to a piece I have.

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What do you need to know?

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Woodworking forum is a good bet, but you can find some good experience here too.


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Thanks, I'll try the woodworking forum too. I want to know how to tell what kind of finish is on an old table as I'd like to add a few coats to make it water resistant.

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To tell what the old finish find out what dissolves it. If it's lacquer it will dissolve in lacquer thinner, if it's shellac it will dissolve in alcohol I not the rubbing kind) if it's varnish it will dissolve a bit in lacquer thinner....but more slowly.
But if it's an old finish it doesn't matter what you put over the top....I would get some oil based polyurethane.
Linda C

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