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ajtrenkleJuly 3, 2012

Hello everyone,

Would like some advice on what to do with our basement. Seems to have some potential. I quite like the brick foundation walls, and I am not super interested in doing a typical framing/ dry wall thing. We have no sump pumps, or much in the way of water prevention, but had the worst rain storm in 40 years last summer not a drop of water came in (the house sits at the top of a ridge and the basement floor is only three feet or so below grade). So, I am not sure if it makes much sense to spend a lot on that. The house was built in 1900.

All we are really looking for is a place for media/TV and maybe a game/play area. I had originally thought of doing a lofty look, and just putting some flooring in and painting the ceiling. Reason being that headroom is fine now but probably couldn't take the loss of space dropping in some kind of ceiling.

I am totally open to any and all ideas from all of you. I have mostly lurked on these boards but have appreciated the thoughtful discussions I always find.

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I like the brick too. We painted our beam and poles black and left our ductwork showing after taking a low hanging soffit out. We already had drywall, but took out the exterior wall that was uninsulated and replaced with plywood stained in a pattern. We have a dry basement, so we used laminate.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I always recommend that a scale drawing of the space with fixed features be used as the starting point for a design. Looks like you would want to separate the laundry and furnace area(s). Do plan for a dehumidifier.

If you haven't seen photos of ours previously, they can be located at: I'm traveling so can't copy the link from my phone.

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