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mbucco2006July 20, 2006

I just moved into a new home (15years old. I saw on HGTV someone stain a concrete floor on a patio. I thought of staining my basement floor. The floor is free from cracks,and has a few paint spots. I was wondering would it be a good idea to use a floor polishing machine with a screen to clean the floor and possibly make the floor a little more porus. My question is this a good idea and has anyone done this before and have some suggestions. Thanks

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Staining my concrete floor was 1 of my first option but I discard the idea right away after these cons:

-costed min. $4/sf to do it right
-cold to the touch - would liked a floor I can walk on barefeet
-stained concrete is well... concrete. Still need something on top liked a throw on rug or so.
-IMO NOT suitable for children

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Bumping up an old post as I am researching stained concrete.

As the previous poster mentioned "cold to the touch"....I am considering radiant heating for stained concrete. I recently saw a relatives floor that were done this way and they were TO DIE FOR!

Yes, they would call for a few throw rugs here and there. Personally, I like that for a decorative touch. Also much easier to wash a throw rug or discard rather than the wall to wall carpeting I've been dealing with.

In his/her opinion: not suitable for children. Tee hee, I am almost an empty nester. TG I don't have to make every decision around children anymore! My own kids grew up in a house with a cement basement and they turned out fine.

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