JW TUFTS Silver Plated Footed Box?

saintroadApril 17, 2011

Hello to the glorious Antique forum!

I picked up this little silver plated double hinged lid JW Tufts box yesterday and was intrigued by the quality and detail of the simple aesthetic-movement piece. As shown, the bottom reveals a 1878 PATENT date for something associated with its design (double hinged?)

It has a green velvet type of lining inside. I have never seen such an item, but I am a novice collector so that in itself is not surprising. :)


3"x3.25"x3.5" (LxWxH)

I know it probably not worth much of anything, but I was curious about its intended usage and any further details on the item.

Thank you for sharing your insight & expertise!



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OOOH!!!!! Cute!!
Linda C

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Verrrrrry Nice! Lindac's probably right about the toothpicks.

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I wonder what something like this might be worth.

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In the right spot....an auction of toothpick holders with well heeled collectors....couple hundred...quick sale....maybe $50.

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