Moths? Due tobird seed

sec1028November 1, 2011

I have a moth(?) problem due to bird seed. How do I get rid of them and not hurt my birds and fish?

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Wondering, have you ever lived in Darien IL?

To get rid of them you put the bird seed in the freezer then vacume, vacume and vacume, including cob webs, for a week, two weeks if you dont vacume enough. Check the flour in your kitchen, they might be in it too.

In the future, when you buy bird seed, put it in the freezer for a few hours to kill the moth eggs.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

You will need to clean, and clean and clean. Then you will need to keep a good eye out for any new moths you see and kill them immediately.

I had an infestation of them in a pantry and utility room closet. They got in to 'some' things and I found larvae in the ends of boxed items, and even in the saran wrap, and aluminum foil. When I had tile laid and the baseboards removed there were the remains of the larvae (think cocoons) that had hatched. I even found the larvae remains in a light fixture base where the bulb screws in. After lots and lots of cleaning, I saw an occasional moth for months, but I was relentless in killing them before they had a chance to meet up with other newly hatched moths and getting to mate.

Hanging some flypaper in the worst area(s) will help too...just be careful to not accidentally get into it yourself. It is really hard to get it out of your hair....ask me how I know.

Good can do it without chemicals and harm to your birds and fish and yourself.


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Maybe add a couple mothballs to the vacuum bag? That's supposed to kill fleas, so maybe it would kill the vacuumed up moths.

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"How do I get rid of them and not hurt my birds and fish?"

I have pet birds so I am very careful not to use pesticides around them.

I agree about freezing bird seed, only I freeze mine for a week before using it. I also put Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth (1 tsp) in the bag so any pests that might get in afterwards won't survive.

A link that may be useful:

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Vacuuming and cleaning won't do it.
To prevent in the future, you can do the freezer thing.
To get rid of what you have
Check all your cereal, flour, rice, bags of noodles anything related to grain and even peanuts etc. for any signs of moths. Put everything that seems ok that you don't want to throw out in the freezer. As you can afford it, get good sealing containers for those items in the future.
You can look around your place for, can't remember what you call them, basically the pre-caterpiller stage, sticky little things in crevices, most likely near where you keep your food.
You can buy grain moth 'traps'. Essentially a little plastic thing with a pheremone that attracts them to a sticy fly strip.

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