Getting an item resilverplated

javaandjazzApril 4, 2011

Has anyone had a favorite item resilverplated, where did you get it done and how much was it? Thanks, Richie

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Nope....but I did price having my grandmother's ladle done...
think I will just keep it as is and say..."this is my grandmother's soup ladle. It's worn out but I keep it any way. Here use this Sterling one I bought for the same price as having this replated!"
Not quite that bad....but almost.

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Thanks Linda. I just keep seeing fun stuff at the fleamarkets and shops that need to be replated and have wondered.

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Yes. Price depends on what you're having done and where you are I guess. I know a great person in Ridgefield,CT who works on various metals but it can be costly.

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I got it done in LA, and it wasn't all that expensive. Rose Tarlow, the high end decorator, buys cheapo silverplate and has the items re-plated in copper, which is way cool.

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A lot of the old silverplate was copper under the silver....not much need to replate.....and plating with copper is lots less expensive than plating with silver.
There is also a process you can do at home which lays a very VERY thin coating of silver over the piece. The materials are expensive and it doesn't last long as the silver is so slight on the item...but for touching up a spot on an otherwise good piece it's not too bad...
And it also depends on what you call expensive.

Here is a link that might be useful: flatware replating costs

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