Water in basement :(

melrosgirlJuly 1, 2006

With all the rain recently we noticed wet carpet in our basement. (new carpet no less). Total shocker to us as we've never had this problem before (with more rain too).

Best way to handle this problem? We got most of the water out using a carpet steam cleaner (to suck up the water from the carpet). Still damp though. Have the dehumidifier running 24/7. Still stinks downstairs.

Any advice is appreciated!

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I'm in the same boat, so to speak. We had JUST remodeled our basement when the storm of the century hit our area (Wash., DC suburbs). We had just put down a beautiful berber carpet, which hadn't been totally paid for yet...wouldn't you know. From having experienced flooded basements before, you have to remove the carpet, or mold and mildew will set in. It's the only way. Believe me, we've done the steam cleaner, dehumidifier, fans running routine, and it never really clears up the problem. I had a tile guy come today to give me an estimate. Sadly, we have to give up our idea of having a warm, cozy rug down there and settle for easy-maintenance tile. I'll dress it up with nice area rugs, if I can afford any after this new investment! UGG! Sorry I couldn't give you more positive news, but many flooded basements later, I think I'm an expert. (We even spent a lot of $ on back-flow preventers, but the force and intensity of the storm was too much for our old city of Alexandria to handle.) Good luck!

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I had my builder rep came in to look at a leak in my basement.
He mentioned the foundation company's solution is to inject some epoxy solution into the crack/hole to seal it.

Luckily I haven't drywalled the space yet...

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