Dehumidifier continuous drain plumbing question

lsstJuly 6, 2010

I purchased a portable dehumidifier for my basement.

I have drain pipes stubbed in for a future bathroom.

Can I add a p-trap to the future sink drain and place the dehumidifier drain line in it?

Thanks in advance

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Yes. Or just drop a loop in the dehumidifier drain line and use a test cap on the stub. Whatever's easiest.

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Thank you!

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I found my most ideal home however, upon inspection the basement felt wet and moist. Previous owners had a basement dehumidifier that was in operation 24/7. Is this necessary and how much is the cost?

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Dehumidifiers average 350 watts. Average seasonal use is 720 hours. You'll need to plug in local energy rates to get the cost for running one. Energy Star rated models can save up to 23% over non rated ones. Efficiency is measured in killowatt hours used to remove an amount of water.

Use a hygrometer to accurately measure moistness.

Here is a link that might be useful: Energuide Appliance Directory

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