Kobe RA-094 Hood - dimensions

trepexJanuary 15, 2013

Hi folks,

I'm wondering if someone with this hood (or else better reading skills than I) could help clarify a question that I have about the dimensions of this hood.


It looks like the standard kit can accommodate up to 105.25" ceilings, as follows:
(36" cooktop height) + (30" mounting above counter) + (12.25" main housing height) + (27" max telescoped flue)

In my new home, we have 9-ft ceilings, so 108". Fine right - just buy the 30" extension kit? Well it says that the minimum flue height is 31-3/8". That means that with the dimensions above, the clearance between cooktop and bottom of the hood shrinks to 28-3/8".

I really don't want to go any lower than 30", as it's already kind of pushing it in our current place with only 30" clearance. I frequently come close to banging my head.

Would it be a terrible idea to just go with the standard flue at 27" and then end up with the bottom of the hood at 32.75" above the cooktop?

For the record, this is an induction cook-top not a gas range... 32.75" should be okay right?


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You really need an answer from one of the gurus, like kaseki. But have you tried calling Kobe customer service? I had good luck with them.

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Thanks Ginny. That's great to hear that Kobe customer service is helpful - might give them a call.

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Quick follow up, trepex: how do you like your hood? We're thinking about buying the same model...

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Not sure yet! It's getting delivered at the end of May when we take possession of our new home. I'll post back then!

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