At the risk of getting flamed...sneaking a puppy short term

forwhenitrainsNovember 8, 2009

I live in an apartment that only allows cats,even though the apartments right next to us and the houses across the street both allow dogs and they are frequently walked on this property.

We have respected this rule the whole time we have lived here.Now we are moving in only 3 weeks to a place that DOES allow dogs.We found the perfect dog by accident and ended up getting one early.He is a very tiny dog and we have been hiding him.My husband stuffs him into his jacket and takes him down the street to walk him and have him go to the bathroom and we put him in a bag and tote him with us when we go places.

Although he is very well behaved and quiet,it has been really stressful worrying about being caught.I don't see why anyone would want to sneak a pet for long term cuz I just can't handle it.

Management has been here twice to fix stuff and we had to hustle him out before they could see him.

My question is,particularly to any landlords who may post here,what would happen to us if we are caught?

We are leaving in 3 weeks,the puppy is quiet,and he is potty trained,so there are no messes.

Please do not make me feel bad.I know it is wrong,and that is why we are moving to a place that does allow dogs.It's just if we didn't get the dog now,someone else may have and we really wanted him cuz he is perfect for us.

I appreciate any thoughts!

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No flaming. ;)
What could happen if you're caught? You're down to the wire with your move out, but if discovered you could probably still get socked with some extra cleaning fees that you wouldn't have otherwise. Or possible carpet replacement if they try to claim the puppy did his business on the rug. (Do you already have the approved cat?) Plus even tho you just got him, they don't know how long he's been there, so could look for things.

They could terminate your lease for sure, but that would be silly at this point since you're leaving soon anyway.

Depends on your state law, too, what they can use the Security Deposit for.

I'd for sure lay low, and make sure pup is kept happy and not lonely so he doesn't cry!

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Thanks for the nice reply Moonshadow.We did already pay a 300 dollar pet deposit for a cat,and still pay 40 extra dollars a month in rent for pet rent.However,our cat passed away back in May.It was one reason we wanted the puppy so much,we have been so depressed and sad over it.

I do have papers with the date of when we got the puppy if they were to think we have had him longer.

I have exactly 22 days left,maybe less since a few days we may stay in a hotel at the end.I'm confused though,which is why I posted cuz I just don't understand the laws.Since I already gave them my notice,doesn't that mean our lease is already terminated?
Don't worry the puppy is doing fine.We have been taking him with us everywhere and trying hard not to be home much so they don't see him.Yesterday we spent all day walking him around a lake and socializing with other dogs.

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Management posted a sign saying they would be in apartments today to change filters and test smoke alarms.So,my husband took the puppy to work with him (his boss said it was fine,he brings his dogs in all the time).
Anyhow we left a bottle of Puppy care shampoo right out in the open in the bathroom and the maintenance guy went in there and I know he had to have seen it.The good news is that the puppy wasn't here.
My husband said if it comes down to it,he will stay at his uncles with the puppy until we move if they say anything.

They have to give us notice to fix the issue right?

I was browsing the internet and found this:

A non-compliance of the lease (possession of a dog) is not a 3 day eviction! It is a 30 day eviction. The tenant is given 30 days to correct the non-compliance. Once the dog is removed from the property, the cause of the eviction is gone and therefore a 3 day eviction is not issued. Has the "visiting pet" left? If so, the problem is solved.No eviction notice (since there is no basis for the eviction).

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lol...I'm a landlord of a single unit, but let me tell you that you are spending a lot of time worrying and panicking for nothing.

Calm down and look forward to your upcoming move. The worst of the worst that could happen has already been mentioned--sock you for some "extra" cleaning fees, or tell you to get rid of the dog or face getting kicked out--except, you would need 30 days notice and you're leaving before then.

Who cares about some puppy shampoo? Maintenance men have better things to do than assume and gossip and tattle to management. I doubt anything was said.

Everything will be just fine, and congrats on the new member of your family :)

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Thank you revamp!!! That makes me feel so much better!

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Really sorry to hear of the loss of your cat, know how badly it hurts. You sound like a good pet owner!
I started this this morning, had to leave before I could post it. revamp summed up my thoughts, but I'll go ahead and toss this out there anyway. ;)

Since I already gave them my notice,doesn't that mean our lease is already terminated?
Yes, it will terminate effective the day you gave notice for, in this case 11/30. Sorry, I was tired last night when I typed my response and left out a key word, "early". LL can terminate the lease early for breach. But with only 3 weeks left it's not really worth the hassle of the paperwork to give notice to vacate and possible eviction. That could well take 4-6 weeks just to land in court (if it even went that far, you could leave voluntarily and avoid it). That scenario would more realistically come into play if you had more months left and LL discovers the dog. They could legally terminate the lease early for breach, following steps in the language of your lease (they have to give you xx days notice to surrender the premises, etc.). It would be worth the effort then, because there's a lot more time left on your contract. But in your case, terminating early would just be a wasted effort because a)they already know you're leaving in less than a month and so b) they should be prepping for a tenant transition anyway. But that doesn't mean they don't have other courses of action. Such as demanding pup be removed, or hitting your Sec Dep for 'damages' or 'cleanup'.

OK, this next part is going to get a little more complicated, but wanted to cover the deposit better. I'm not a lawyer, so don't know how this would go. Some in the general public might think well, you've paid that extra deposit for a cat, and have been paying extra per month, so what's the big deal, cat or dog. They both have 4 legs and a tail. ;) So LL can use that extra cat deposit money for a dog, no big deal. I tend to think that's not the case. Because the extra money was specifically for a "cat", not a "pet". So LL legally might be prohibited from using the "cat" money toward clean-up or repair from a dog. In that scenario, if they try to claim dog damage/cleanup then they would dip into the larger pool of funds available, which is your primary Security Deposit. Here's another whammy: since you did exercise the option to have a cat, they could well use that $ for general cleanup or something your cat might have scratched (wall, drapes). And on top of that still dip into the primary Deposit for repairs that only a dog could do (such as pup chewing up baseboard or vinyl flooring).

So much depends on your LL if you got caught. If they are super strict and allow no bending of rules, they could insist at worst that you leave in xx days. (In my state it's 10 days for anything other than non-payment, 5 for nonpayment of rents. The time frame absolutely depends on the law and your lease). Middle of the road they could say you can stay but pup's got to find a home elsewhere till 11/30. Best case scenario for you is they let it slide with only 3 weeks to go.

They have to give us notice to fix the issue right? That depends on your State and Lease too. Sometimes it's 24 hours written, sometimes it's 24 hours verbal, in my State it's 'reasonable verbal notice'. (Maybe keep pup's stuff ready to skedaddle at a moment's notice?)

Despite all that, I know you're on pins n needles, and wouldn't encourage others do this, but just continue to lay low since you've got so little time left, it will likely all work out. Then you can enjoy your pup and relax in your new place. ;)

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I don't mind if they try to take my deposit (800 dollars).Honestly though,I don't have any damages.My carpet is kinda shoddy anyways,but I'm going to have it cleaned before we go,and I repainted.As long as they don't try to come after me for even more,then I'm ok.

The only damage done to my place was because of my kid,not my pets,lol.She was making soup and put the hot pot on the counter and it burnt the cheap counter top.I'm sure I will get charged for that.

Yesterday when the maintenance guy was here,he was checking off a checklist of my apartment and what might need repairs. I guess taking inventory before we move.He didn't mention any damages and said my housekeeping was nice.
I don't think he will turn us in because he has told us many times how much he hates this company.So I think we just need to keep the neighbors from complaining.

I'm pretty sure in my state it is at least 30 days notice (I have been looking up the state tenant laws).I hesitate to think they are too strict because I see people bending the rule all the time.It is only supposed to be 2 cats per apartment and some people have 3 or some people have dogs too and I know they aren't service dogs.
The only person who I know got in trouble was a guy that had this huge golden retriever and he didn't even try to hide him.He ended up taking the dog to live elsewhere.

Today is only 20 days left! Oh how I can't wait to get the heck out of here! I'm really grateful for the nice responses,I thought for sure someone would blast me saying I'm an idiot.

Picture of kid burnt counter top:

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Maybe you should hide the kid.
(kidding! ;D )

Sounds like they are not too stringent, so not much to worry about. Counter top depends. I accidentally put a nick in one once. They sell a laminate repair kit, pricey tho, about $40 back then. Don't know if it would work on a surface burn, think it's more for nicks. (I didn't try it, I've not had much luck with repair kits in rentals, such as porcelain when tenants have chipped sink or tub.) Ends up looking worse sometimes than just leaving it alone.

I read somewhere a Mr Clean Magic Eraser might get a scorch mark out if it's not burned through the material. (I buy a couple boxes of those when cleaning after tenants, amazing what it will clean up that other stuff won't get!)
Saw something else about toothpaste. A quick google would probably find it.

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LOL @ hiding the kid.You should have seen how much she cried when she did it.She thought she was in so much trouble! I told her it was accident and could have happened to anyone.

I'm going to try the Mr.Clean Magic eraser! I spent 40 bucks on cleaning supplies yesterday to start cleaning this place.
19 days left! Thanks so much for the kindness,Moonshadow and revamp!

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Poor girl, she probably was freaking out. ;)

Be sure to look for the heavy duty Magic Eraser (think the box has pink on it). Works way better than the regular.

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If you can't buff it out with Magic Clean, try rubbing a bit of white shoe polish into the burn.

The white shoe polish should stick real well to the burn if the burn is deep, and repel on the plastic so it can be wiped off smooth. In other words, the polish will only "take" on the burn. If the burn is merely discoloration this trick won't work. White shoe polish is pretty durable and will hold up to light wiping when doing kitchen clean ups.

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