What's current model of Bluestar RCS

M4rtinJanuary 27, 2014

First off anyone that recently bought 30'' RCS could post a pic so I could compare.

I'm getting a bit confused about current model of 30'' Bluestar RCS.
I'm in Canada and browsed through some stores locally and everyone seems to be a bit different.
They list the model numbers as:

I'm also confused as this dealer shows 30 RCS picture and it only has one switch on the left side of the range front, I'm assuming it's for the light in the oven.

Then the other dealer has picture that shows two switches on both sides of the range, I'm assuming one for light, and the other for convection.

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Did you end up buying a blue star rcs model? I am thinking about making this purchase also. Looking for recent reviews from owners, thxs

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We would have been fine with an RCS with 15k burners. But since it didn't come in a 24 inch model, we ended up getting the RNB with 22k burners.

Now We're really glad that it was our only choice. The power to cook food quickly is truly amazing. A word of advice, ~never~ leave this stove unattended when frying. One lapse of attention and your food gets torched.

On the BlueStar website, one picture of a 30" RCS has one switch, while another picture has two. On the RNB the left switch is for the oven light and the right turns on the convection fan. BlueStar stated the 30" RCS has a convection fan, so it will certainly come with two switches.

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