cinder block basement walls-recommendations?

lokipupJuly 10, 2011

Frequent lurker, 1st time posting. My husband just told me that he will be off work 10 days straight. It's house project time! We have an unfinished basement with concrete floor and cinder block walls (no paint) and 8 ft ceiling. After searching this forum (previously I stuck to the kitchen site) for days, we have decided to paint the ceiling white and use opaque stain on the floor. What about the walls? I have had a bad experience with dryloc, so looking for something else. Basement has 1 corner where water leaks in heavy rain, but very little & dirt around foundation should remedy that. Not looking for "finished" basement, just a place for my kids to play while I do laundry. I am considering painting with Ames Blue Max. Has anyone used it? Does it look funny? I keep picturing the walls covered in shrink wrap. Also considering stucco or parge. Not really concerned about the moisture, just want something other than a gray dungeon. I've read that cement color can be added to parge mixture so there is no need to paint after, but can't find any info on brands or where to buy. Has anyone done that? I'm open to suggestions if anyone has any other ideas. Have 5 days to plan & DH says he'll do whatever I want, if I'll make up my mind and have the supplies ready.

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I just got some masonry primer from Benjamin Moore (I think). I used it in the whole laundry area of our basement and it worked great, or has so far ( been almost 2 years now). I didn't even paint it, just left it white.

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Thanks. I love benjamin moore products, but didn't know that they made masonry products. After primer can we use their regular paint, or do they make a masonry paint? That sounds so much easier than parge and their paint colors are beautiful. I have been dreading doing the walls and now I'm so excited. Have you used other Ben Moore products? Trying to decide between Aura bathroom or Aura eggshell for ceiling.

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I used to do stucco. My boss actually stuccoed his basement in a way you're contemplating. First do a brown coat / undercoat, then top it with a thin "sand float" texture. That's the uniform adobe-style look. Color can be added directly to the mud so painting isn't required, but keeping it consistent could be tricky. In fact, I wouldn't recommend the stucco as a diy project unless your husband has some experience.

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Thanks for the feedback. I was scared of the stucco, but completely undecided. That cinches it. Now, does anyone have any suggestions for brands of paint for the ceiling or concrete blocks? Ceiling paint goes on tomorrow. I'll be at Porter Paint or Ben Moore at 7am tomorrow for that. May flip a coin since there is practically no chance of feedback before then. But I have a couple of days about the walls. Was so excited about Ben Moore masonry paint, but can't find anyone around here who carries it. Most dealers (I called 10) didn't even know they make it. Any suggestions for wall color would be welcome. Right now orange is in the lead. Hey, it can be painted over. Right? I'm really stressing about the brand of masonry paint so please give some feedback.

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