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excessfroufrouApril 6, 2010

I usually hang out on Holidays and Garden Junk forums and only lurk here. But when my friend sent me some pics of this dresser set wanting info, I thought of this forum. She wanted to know what pattern and a guesstimate value. Her neighbor brought them back from maybe England during WWII. I have a simalar pink set that I bought at an English auction about 25 years ago, but mine is not quite that nice with the silver and such and not as many pieces. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks

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Hi Frou,
I think they are beautiful, but I'm fairly sure they are not a "set". I think it is a compiled group of similar patterns. LindaC will know when she comes along! It's fun to see you here,

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I agree with Jaybird....the covered box in particular.
A Dresser Set consists of certain things... not all sets contain the same items but finding a pair of vases would be unusual and a pair of candle sticks is unusual, but I do have a pair of candlesticks and a matching dresser tray....but that's unusual.
Better pictures would tall if the pieces are the same pattern or just similar.
As to worth? Impossible to say without knowing if certain pieces match and what the markings are on the silver and without a closer look at that cute little tall thing with the silver top...
As a young teen I wanted a milk glass dresser tray. My mother couldn't find one for a reasonable price ( or at least what she considered reasonable)at the Antiques shop she frequented. So I got a lovely handpainted china tray. When I got married and started to attend sales, I started buying milk glass thingies...covered trinket boxes, pin trays, powder boxes and milk glass chamber stick. I have visions of gang of milk glass chambersticks on my dresser....but have only ever found another...and2 does not make a gang!
So while your pieces may not be a "dresser set" they look good together on your dresser.
Linda C

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You have the ring holder(they still make those) & hair receiver or powder box but looks a little small, can't tell if they match. I just read in Bedroom & Bathroom Glassware by Margaret & Kenn Whitmyer that English sets often include more than 1 size powder box(puff box) & candleholders. I found 2 rectangular trays & 1 soap dish & 1 square tray.New Martinsville made the rectangular ones but I think yours are English. No idea what the little pitcher like thing is. Nothing like that in the book. Might Google "Antique English dresser sets" & see if you can find a match.

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A hair receiver has a hole in the lid to stuff the combings into....to save to make a "rat" for your pompodore.
But....look what I found...looks like your set but I believe yours has added stuff which was never part of it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Depression era English set

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That pretty much confirms what everyone thought. You guys are awesome, thanks.

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I started bidding on this set, but bids got too out of control for me. It's probably worth every cent. ;o)

Here is a link that might be useful: 7 piece blue dresser set

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Oh Good heavens!! An RS Germany dresser set for $72? If you like it....go for it!

Here is a link that might be useful: one piece of R. S. Germany

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Anyone new to antiquing the hair saved was sometimes used in jewelry especially if person passed on. it was called "mourning jewelry" otherwise it was sometimes used to make "paintings" with hair, I saw 1, I think it was in an historical house in So. Dak. I was visiting years ago. Several colors of hair & so finely worked in I just couldn't believe it was hair but you could tell it when you were a ft away. Rings are beautiful too. Love the R.S. Germany set!! Was the tall thing with holes for hat pins Linda? I've seen hatpins stuck in skirt of 1/2 doll with cloth bottom kind of like a pincushion.

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The "vase" with holes is a hat pin holder. In the set pictured, it appears to be missing the lid to the powder box.
Mourning jewelry was made with hair cut from the deceased.
There are lots of pieces linked below.
Linda c

Here is a link that might be useful: One thing leads to another..

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