water in basement, again

eaglemom100June 1, 2007

I have a long detailed problem and am seeking your help. My mom's house in central Kansas has water in the basement, again. This is the third time in May. However, where she lives they have received an incredable 28 inches (you read that correctly 28 inches) of rain. The ground is now so saturated it is leaking up from the ground. It doesn't make anyone feel better but almost everyone there is having this same problem. I know when the house was built they had to blast through lots of sandstone.

So having filling you in on the details what, if anything, should be do. The paneling is ruined and will be taken down. Is there anything to stop the darned rain from leaking in?

We've put extenders on the downspouts, cleaned out the gutters and cleaned out the windowwells in an attempt to help any other rains from coming in. With that much rain we can not have dirt brought in for the foundation because its too wet! I will admit that does need to be done but it is not severe.

So any idea's? It has gotten very very expensive to have people come in and use pumps, heaters, blowers, etc. Then clean the carpet only to have them have to do it again 4 days later. The ground is just unable to adsorb any more water. Any idea's or thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks.

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When the ground cannot absorb any more water you are, in effect, below the water table. Since it's too late to wrap waterproofing under and around the basement floor there is no sure cure. Exposing the entire foundation and waterproofing with a sprayed on material and then a membrane is the best that can be done and is still not 100%.

But when you get more than a years worth of rain in a month you'll always be at risk. I note an educational site on Kansas weather says: "In central and western Kansas rainfall is seldom enough to cause serious damage." Wet comfort indeed.

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We did more grading around our home, but before doing so we dug it up and applied a layer of plastic underneath the grading so the water flows away from the house. Our problem was a step crack at that time.

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