balconies :)

coley17November 12, 2008


Does your balcony have a purpose? Or does it just over look scenery?

If it has a purpose, what do you use it for?

If it overlooks scenery, do you need anything to use there?

Would you need something that would look good? Or something that has more of a use?

Would you prefer furniture on a balcony?

If you need something to use? What would be best?

What do you keep on your balcony?

what do you need to reconnect with nature?

Do you use your balcony to entertain friends and family?

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1 small table
1 chair
1 ashtray

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I use my balcony alot. I live on the second floor of a condo and I plant a balcony garden out there every spring. Right now I'm clearing off the dead plants (so sad!), but in the summer, I really enjoy sitting out there in my white wicker chair. I also have a wicker end table which I put a tabletop fountain on. I grow a climbing rose, two clematis and a variety of plants out there. The clematis and climbing rose also provide me with some privacy in the summer months. I sit out there and drink a glass of wine at the end of the day and read or sometimes sit out there with a cup of coffee and read the paper. It is so peaceful out there early in the morning!

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It's the only space for my plants; decorative, edible, or otherwise, so mine is mostly taken up with containers and other plant paraphernalia, a table and some folding chairs stacked against the wall. I like it the way it is :)

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i love my balcony, 2 chairs, one table and an ash tray. nothing better than sitting out there with a glass of wine and a fine cigar.

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when I lived in a complex, we had a balcony.

2 chairs and a "smoke bucket"
One night I was rather upset. I was really missing my grandparents. All of the sudden I looked up and saw one single firework. It was odd, because it was October. What really got me, is my grandparents LOVED fireworks. You know, the big displays on the fourth.

But yeah, sorry for the sappy crap

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Well,I dont have a balcony because I'am ground floor.But I do have a Patio.
The apartment before this one had no patio or balcony and I HATED IT! I felt like I was living in a HOTEL ROOM.I hated having to go out on the front stoop where all the other neighbors were just to enjoy outside.

I dont smoke (anymore) but I do have a cafe style table and chairs on my patio.I love going out there with a cup of cocoa,tea,glass of wine or a beer and a good book,or maybe a magazine or my mail.Perhaps I will talk on my cell phone.

In the summer we like to grill (which you cant do on a balcony,but can on a patio)
On holidays I like to hang up lights.During get togethers,it is nice to have a place to step out to.

My patio is own little sanctuary.

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We have a balcony. So far, all we've used it for is our kitchen remodel. My husband will be using the table saw inside while I stand on the balcony with the piece of cut wood coming at me.
The place is small! 480 square feet.
I look forward to using the balcony more.
Here's some pictures of the remodel in action if you're interested. We're in Germany. The kitchen is 36 square feet.

Here is a link that might be useful: Our Dream Kitchen in Germany

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Wow Katie, great job on a tiny space.

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