Ge Monogram Induction..any reviews

wallycatJanuary 1, 2012

I can't believe I am considering induction.

I've read as much as I could here and Bosch, Miele and Gagg. get wonderful and consistently good reviews.

Does anyone have comments about the GE Monogram induction??

Appreciate any feedback.

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We installed a 30" black Monogram induction cook top, ZHU30RBMBB, in August. I think it works pretty much like many others. I did recently notice it making a clicking sound when I had a pot of pasta on a low boil. You could also see the water sort of surging or pulsing as the induction element cycled to maintain the heat setting. The only reason I noted this is because I had never noticed any clicking or pulsing in the first four months we've had it. I don't think it was abnormal behavior, and I have not really noticed it since. Maybe there are certain conditions that make it noticeable.

The only thing I sort of wish the Monogram had was a timer that shuts off the heat after time has elapsed. I've read of a few other cook tops that have this feature. Realistically, I'd probably not use it even if we had it.

We are happy with the Monogram, though the Profile versions are functionally the same, and may be less expensive. We got the Monogram over the Profile for cosmetic reasons.

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Thank you!
I was wondering if I needed the timers or not as well and could not determine if monogram had them.
Appreciate the feedback.
Interesting that only a few mfg. make a white or off-white and not sure if that is worth a premium price.

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Anyone else care to share their experience?
I have another post for brainstorming as I think we will be pulling the trigger in the next week or so.

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I saw the mirrored one and took some photos in another post. I hear most inductions work well. I looked at 4 or 5 model's manuals online and wrote down their different features. I've been told what really separates the models is their features, burner size/configurations.

Mirrored GE and Thermador:

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Thanks for the link.
I notice some websites are showing the black 36" monogram as being discontinued. Curious why....anyone??

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