Help! Loud neighbors at 2 in the AM!

kfntaineNovember 13, 2006

okay, so this is my first apartment i'm 20, and yes i know it will be a little loud... little being the operative word. It is 2 AM and i have just finally fallen asleep ( i am a light sleeper) when i hear a LOUD honking multiple times, and a man yelling at another man to "hurry up" multiple times.. and i dont mean just LOUD... like right outside my bedroom window loud. ( we are on the groundfloor, and the apt are set up in a kind of "open" setting by which i mean the apt are not inside stairwell type apt's.) and the guy above us is stomping around his apartment back and forth multiple times! 2 AM PEOPLE!! on a sunday night no less. when the honking finally ceases, the guy in the car runs up the steps to the apt above us and is yelling at the top of his voice at the guy in the apt above us "to hurry up and what is taking so long" .. it sounds as if they are in my apt it is that loud. and this took place for at least 20 minutes if not longer.. for real. finally they both run down the steps and leave with loud music as well. And in addition to this incident he is always playing music that is too loud and stomping around his apartment.. I would like to know if i am right by complaining to the landlord?? i can not belive someone can be this ignorant.. my husband and i are always careful about how loud our tv or music is up, and to keep our voices down. someone have any advice, and/or helpful tips on dealing with these types of disturbances ?

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I sympathize completely. It continues to boggle my mind day in and day out how people can be so ignorant and rude.
I, too am a very light sleeper, and have been dealing with noise in my "No Noise" building for the past 6 months :(

I think you can either (1) complain to the landlord or (2) speak to the person above you and explain your situation...

But be polite and considerate, and hope that he is the same...

Good luck :)

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Landlord can't help, call the cops.

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Yes landlord can help.It a violation of the lease to be that disruptive.They may want a written letter from you the first time,stating what the problem is.After so many compliants,he can be kicked out.And dont worry,he wont know it is you complaining.He will get a letter in the mail telling him he has had noise complaints and that is a violation of the lease.

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Unless you're in a student ghetto or the like, this is absolutely unacceptable and you don't need to put up with it whatsoever. You don't just have a right to sleep, you also have a right to a reasonable amount of "quiet enjoyment" to the premises, which is probably a clause in your lease but always presumed even if it's not there. You have a right to be able to read or study or pay attention to a television show; not to mention to sleep.

Follow these steps. If it stops at any point, you stop proceeding along with the steps. If it continues, you continue; between some steps you will want to wait a day or two (use your own judgement, but don't wait too long). Also: immediatly, start a log of disturbances; date, time, duration, type of disturbance. Helps if you can also get some witnesses to the noise (as many as possible)

Step 1: Talk to the neighbours.

Step 2: Send a letter to the neighbours; keep a copy. Be polite. Do not threaten etc.

Step 3: Talk to your superintendant, if you have one. Otherwise skip. Also, talk to other tenants who might also be affected by the noise: those sharing walls or floors with the offender's apartment, as well as apartments facing outside areas where noise is taking place, or sharing walls with stairwells where noise is taking place. Chances are, someone else is also annoyed and just hasn't been sure about what to do. Tell the person what you are doing, and ask them if they would like to help by doing some of the same things or if you can at least mention to the landlord that they are also disturbed. It's best if you can get them to join you in the steps though.

Step 4: Talk to landlord.

Step 5: Send letter to landlord. Keep a copy. Important to wait several days at this stage.

Step 6: Call police during late night violation. Hereafter, call police every time there is late night noise. Police will do nothing first couple of times.

Step 7: Investigate laws in your area. You have now established all kinds of stuff; letters to the parties, police records, etc. You also have a log of the disturbances. Depending on where you are (I'm in Ontario), you can do all sorts of things; apply for rent rebate because landlord failed to provide quiet enjoyment, sue the tenant in small claims for disruption of quiet enjoyment rights, etc.

Good luck!

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