Need to adjust burner-NXR

3dawgsJanuary 29, 2013

One of the burners on my NXR stove has a flame that's too high and yellow, and leaves a carbon spot on the pan. I looked in the manual and it wasn't much help. I sort of assumed it needs to be adjusted, although I was also wondering if there could be debris in it that was causing the problem. I just got it a few months ago and it has been like that since I got it. I'm really happy with it otherwise, I'm glad I heard about it here.

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Forgot to say, does anyone know how to adjust the burners, or whatever it is that's causing this.

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It should be under warranty - have them do a service call.

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When I had mine installed the technician had to use some tool to adjust it to the perfect setting ( it was specified in the instructions)
Did you install it yourself? If not, Maybe have them come back and fix it right?

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Mine apparently was perfectly adjusted from the factory because the guy that installed it never touched it.
Just hooked up the gas line and every burner was perfect.
Never had to adjust mine so really do not know what to say except maybe like others have suggested call the guy that installed it, HE is the one that really should have done that.

Has that one burner been that way from day one?
If not then maybe you could take it apart and just clean it out. If it has then should have been adjust by the guy that installed it.

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Not clear if your stove has always done this or if the yellow flame thing has developed recently.

If recent, first thing I would do (and which I have done with my NXR to fix the problem when I had it), was to check to be sure that: (a) you haven't knocked something askew while cleaning, such as the central burner cap;and then (b) take the burner apart and blow out the ports with some canned air (the kind that is sold for computers and electronics).

If the burner has always done this since you received the stove, then you have a mal-adjusted burner and it should be covered by warrranty. Call the NXR customer service line. The number is in the manual. I've found the techs to be very pleasant and very helpful. They can probably tell you how to do ityourself if ytou do not want to wait for warranty service. Seems as though you are within the one-year warranty period. (Two if you bought your NXR from Costco using an Amex Card.)

Otherwise, adjusting an NXR burner is just like any adjusting any other gas stove. Very simple. Pull the knob and adjust the set screw inside the end of the shaft. Several YouTube videos on this, IIRC, although I don't know of any specific to the NXR. Maybe some on Wolf stoves, though. But even GE, Frigidaire, etc. all work the same way.

Or, any stove servicer should be able to to this for you if you prefer not to tackle it yourself.

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I think your local Gas co will come over and adjust your stove as well.

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