Liebherr Freestanding French Door Refrigerator Power Supply Size

jean_in_vaJanuary 31, 2009

I am planning on purchasing the Liebherr 36" FD freestanding refrigerator and placing it in a walled alcove. I noticed that the installation instructions say that the outlet needs to be on the back wall on either side of the unit, but I already have an existing outlet on the inside of the side wall. I am wondering if anyone can tell me how big the power supply for the refrigerator is and how much clearance I would need from the side wall to plug it in and still push the refrigerator into the alcove? Thanks!

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I recall it being just a regular 3-prong plug that goes into the wall. So I think about 1-1.5" for the plug sticking out.

Even if you didn't have that much side clearance, I think there are recessed wall outlets you could use in place of your current flush outlet - common for home theater behind wall-mounted TV. Then you'd only need enough side clearance for the thickness of the cord:

I believe the recommendation for the location of the outlet has to do with the length of the refrigerator cord; if on the side you might need an extension cord.

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wwu123, thanks for your reply and the tip about the recessed outlet. I had never heard of those before.

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I am also planning on installing a Liebherr freestading 36" FD fridge and the electrical outlet is in the back wall right behind the refrigerator instead of being on either side per the installation manual instruction. I'm not sure why it needs to be on the side, is it just to clear the plug itself, maybe I could use a recessed outlet if that was the only reason? Any help would be appreciated.

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I think it is again just a concern about back wall clearance. Another option besides a recessed outlet could be an extension cord with a flat wall plug. My local Lowe's has a three-prong flat cord that only sticks out 1/2" from the wall at the outlet, though my Home Depot only has two-prong flat extension cords.

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>an extension cord with a flat wall plug

Most refrigerator warranties specifically forbid using extension cords, so check yours carefully before going that way.

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You have to plug the fridge into the wall outlet directly.

Although using an extension cord will work temporarily, or even for a long long time temporarily, you must not plan for that to be the permanent state of affairs.

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I was hoping to get a follow up on how the installation went for everyone. I just purchased the same fridge and my outlet is behind also. Did you end up having to move the outlet to the sides or above?

Thank you!

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