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cal48vwJune 13, 2006

Hi all,

We have a California basement (concrete floors, furnace, water heater, storage), not the large, liveable space that homes in other regions have. We mainly store stuff in the area and need some advice from more experienced people. Our basement has flooded several times (just an inch or so) and we are looking for sturdy plastic pallets to raise the stuff a few inches above the floor. We'd like to put them under some free-standing cabinets (think Home Depot), so they need to be fairly strong. While at Petco, a pet supply store, I saw just what I wanted under tall stacks of bagged dog food. They were measured about 2' x 3' and were about 3" high. They were embossed "Poly Pal Jr." I googled the name, but got no results. The salespeople (Saturday night at 8pm) did not know anything about them.

Can anyone help me track down such a product or give me other ideas on how to deal with the occasional flooding? Earthquakes, yeah, we know how to deal; flooding, not so much.

Thanks in advance!

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Hi, I live in the east and we "suffer" with a flooded basement from time to time. We finally installed a sump pump and it really made a difference.

However, we still like to keep our things raised up off the floor because the floor still gets wet.

I was lucky to work a temp job near a local wooden pallet company and was able to bring home a couple of less than perfect pallets - they were perfect for what we needed.

I would rather have the "plastic" kind or whatever they are made out of, too. I am wondering if Home Depot or Lowe's might have something like this?

If not, it sure would be a great idea for an "invention" - risers for wet basements!

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I suspect that the plastic pallets are returned for reuse. It may be that they "nest" together for more compact return shipping. They may be a good choice for your potentially wet floors. Nothing will be lost by inquiring about availability.

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these guys are in PA but list used plastic pallets

Here is a link that might be useful: carey pallets

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Check these guys out:

They have several inexpensive options for plastic pallets. Hell, I have even toyed with the idea of buying like 70 of them, covering the floor with the them, putting plywood on top and finishing the basement with, essentially, a floating floor.

Also take a look at their carts. They have carts with wheels that you can put standard plastic shelving units on. I did that in my basement. Now everything is off the floor AND wheelable!!!

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