Electrolux - IQ Touch or Wave Touch What's the difference?

workingondreamhouseJanuary 22, 2012

Specifically as related to refrigeration, does anyone understand the difference between IQ Touch and Wave Touch and why I might want (or not want) to pay $500 more for Wave Touch? We are looking at standard depth, french door, external water and ice dispenser models.

Any insight is appreciated!

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In Wave Touch, the controls seem to disappear when the appliance is unused; they appear (with a beep) when you touch the control panel glass. IQ Touch visibly displays all controls all the time. Two guesses: its as if Wave Touch uses black glass, and IQ Touch uses clear glass; perhaps IQ Touch came out first.

So -- unless there are reliability issues between these displays that I haven't heard about -- its a matter of preference. How you want this fridge to appear in your kitchen most of the time?

I have (and like) Wave Touch on my E'lux range, but some prefer always visible controls (at least, considering the cost).

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Thank you so much for responding! It would have been SO simple for Electrolux to put this somewhere on their website. Even the guy at Sears couldn't tell me.

This refrigerator will be in a pantry so I will opt out of the Wave controls.

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