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smifferJune 11, 2013

So my wife and I had a home inspection on a lake house we're looking at purchasing. During the inspection we realized that a 12' x 15' room they added is only sitting on a 4" slab. No foundation. I know in MI we need a foundation four feet down. My question is has anyone ever dealt with a situation like this? The soonest we can get someone out to look at it is in 4 days. Anyone have an idea how much it might cost to get a foundation under this room? Talk about an unhappy day.

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I know in MI we need a foundation four feet down.

A frost protected shallow foundation (FPSF) will work just fine even in northern Michigan.

Is the inspector sure that the slab is not on an FPSF? Many inspectors will not move anything to verify such items unless specifically authorized to do so by the owner.

If the slab is undamaged, it's possible that a new shallow foundation may be added.

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A check with the appropriate county office should determine if a building permit was issued for this addition. If it was, it should stipulate the type of foundation and structure that was approved.
Asking the current owners might produce it, too.

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