Poured walls vs. block walls for basement

fedudeJune 2, 2008

I'm building a new house and my builder typically uses block walls. One of the options he offered us was to have poured concrete walls (for slightly more).

Does anyone have any opinions on poured concrete walls vs. cinder block walls for basements? House is a ranch house in upstate NY where most of the houses have block walls.

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For me, Superior Walls would be first choice, poured as second and block as #3. I have Superior Walls and would readily choose them again.

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The decision is between 8" poured wall vs. 12" block wall. My builder says the poured wall is stronger.

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I've built with both, but lately only poured, as blocklayers are few and far between. (The home I'm in now combines poured and block construction.) Block walls have far greater compressive strength than poured walls, but have less lateral strength.

The biggest negative to block walls used to be waterproofing. But using a Delta type membrane or other exterior waterproofing eliminates that differential. There are a host of technical/workmanship matters with both types of walls that are the builder's responsibility to monitor.

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