Tapcon..about ready to jump out of a window

bcrawfo2June 20, 2007

I'm using Tapcon to take up the bounce in my subfloor (over Delta-FL...see other post). The Delta-FL instructions call for 1/4" tapcon. If I do those, the heads are so big that I can't countersink it into the wood subfloor. I wonder if I'm not getting the whole cleaned out enough. Do you blow the hole out (not sure I could suck out thru the plywood and delta-fl)?

I tried 3/16" screw with smaller heads, but these break almost every hole as I'm just about at the end of tightening.

Any hints?



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Yes, you have to get the dust out any way you can. Might try blowing it out with a small straw, coffee stirrer or the "canned air" for computers.

You could also use a countersink bit to make more room for the heads, but maybe you can get away without that. A large bit works, too - just drill it a little to the depth/width you need.

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After the dust is out, use a larger drill or hammerdrill to screw in the tapcons.

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OK...I'm making progress, but still pretty frustrated.
I'll recap about my surfaces (from top to bottom).
3/4 OSB
Delta FL
Old linoleum tile (the brittle kind)

I moved to a corded hammer drill (cheap-rented, it's not a rotary hammer drill). I have Bosch Blue Granite drill bits. This combination worked well, but I went thru bits very quickly (2-3 holes per bit). I was able to get 1/4 tapcons in the hole and countersunk into the OSB if I blow out the hole with my compressor.
So, I looked at the Blue Granite bit packaging and notice it's for "granite, stone, tile, etc". I look at Lowes and see they have a Bosch SDS-Plus bit that specifically says "For concrete". I believe these are really made for a rotary hammer drill because of the "mount". I try these and I get NOWHERE. I don't think I even got a full hole from one of these bits.
Do I need to use a rotary hammer drill with these bits? Will that work considerably better? Is there a chance that I'm just skimming on top of the linoleum tile with these new bits?

Any other thoughts?

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I wouldn't use the same bit for going through the OSB etc. as going into the concrete. It shouldn't be necessary to use a rotary hammer drill for tapcons.

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"I have Bosch Blue Granite drill bits."

I think you will find that is the problem..If you will get the appropriate "Tapcon" drill bits you will most likely solve your problem.

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I went and rented a Hilti rotary hammer-drill with a carbide bit. Each hole (3+ inchesfor a 1/4" tapcon) was done in 10 seconds. Did about 50 holes, my subfloor is tight now.
Best $46 I ever spent. The rental even included the bit.

Thanks for everyone's input.

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