Tell me about this table, please

graywings123April 6, 2013

I bought this table on the spur of the moment yesterday at a local shop that takes in estates and resells the items without doing anything to them. It still has cobwebs under it.

The guy selling it estimated it is from the 1880s. Do you think that is correct, and can you tell me anything more about the piece?

The table top is an inch thick and solid wood, mahogany, I believe. The top is in two pieces. The piece that would go in the back has a straight grain, the front looks like it might be crotch wood. There are some surface stains that I think I can remove.

The skirt is curved, and you can see the cuts in the wood behind to make the curves.

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Google American Empire furniture- this looks like a later interpretation of the
original and more ornate versions. The rounded feet are charateristic of the later era. Probably more early 1900's but not sure. Mahogany or maybe oak?

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Thank you so much, neighborgirl. This gives me a place to start investigating.

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Definitely not oak on my moniter - possibly walnut. Great find, you lucky devil!

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