Whole house de-humidifiers

busboyJune 20, 2007

I am trying to research whole house de-humidifiers for a finished basement. Total area is about 2700 sq.ft. and space is a walkout basement. Have already installed a high eff. York AC with 2 speed and low tonnage to let it run longer but the basement does not loose enough heat to allow it to run long enough. Yes I do have some problems with the downspouts which have been corrected but I am going to have to get the RH down. Portable DH did help but it died so I am going to do it right. Aprilaire is the only one I have seen any literature on. Input invited!


(this is posted in AC/heat forum as well)

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You said 'whole house' but is it just for the basement ?
Might look at a portable or ducted unit from SantaFe .

Hightly thought of and usually recommended.

Here is a link that might be useful: http://www.thermastor.com/Residential-Dehumidification/

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This may sound odd, but it worked for us. YMMV. The humidity in our basement dropped after we had a radon remediation system installed. The system uses a fan to draw (moist, radon-laden) air from below the basement floor and out of the dwelling. Cracks were sealed with polyurethane caulk, and the sump pit was sealed. No longer needed, our dehumidifier was eventually donated to Goodwill. A radon remediation company could probably tell you if other customers have had experiences like ours.

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