Baking in a GAS oven Capital Range or any other

Alina84January 23, 2014


We purchased a 48" Capital Culinarian All Gas Range (waiting for kitchen reno to finish so haven't used it yet). Our next decision is whether we should also get a KitchenAid Electric Steam-Assist Convection oven?

I cook AND bake a lot and I'm worried (from what I've read) that baking in a gas oven just doesn't turn out well.

Has anyone had experience with baking in a gas oven that would be able to give me some feedback?

I was also considering the Kitchen Aid Steam oven because I feel like it would give me an entirely new range of cooking methods than the Capital all gas would. Am I wrong to assume this? Would the 2 oven overlap and be useless?

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

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I also have a CC and my baking turns out fine.

Mostly I cook bread (twice a week) but I also bake my pies, cakes and cookies in there too. Never had a problem.

I suppose the KA Steam oven would give you more options but when I want steam in the oven for my bread, I just throw in a half cup at the beginning of my bake and I am very pleased with the results.

Here's the thing - if you are a resourceful baker, your baking will be fine using a gas oven, an electric oven with steam capabilities or a dutch oven in a depression in the ground on top of hot coals.

I don't think you'd need the KA but ultimately, you'll need to decide what makes you happy.

Learn the capabilities of your machine intimately, and then, no matter what you select, you will not go wrong.

Good luck, Doc

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I have a Performer 30" all-gas range and just baked cookies in it for the first time. I tried it with convection and without. With convection, they browned more but I think the insides of the cookies didn't get quite as done as I like them. Without convection, they were perfect, IMO. I made a batch in the old range about a month ago and you could see a browning "gradient" from the back of the sheet to the front. Browning was very even in the new range, both with and without convection.

I also turned out the best brown rice I've made, though admittedly I've only tried 4-5 times since it was, er, bad on the old setup. Burnt, always having to add water to extend the cooking time, and so forth. Not so with the new range on the simmer burner. Tasted wonderful, I should have done this a long time ago.

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Another gas oven owner here, and I don't use the convection feature either.
I had an electric oven for 26 years, and I honestly can't tell any difference in the way food cooks.
The gas oven does take longer to pre heat, but it's a 36" compared to my previous 27" wall oven.

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