Antique German / Russian Silver Mark 916

michael_maloneApril 18, 2010

Hi, a new member here. I have a silver box with strange hallmarks. It has the German Crescent and Crown, 916, A Communist Sickle, a small a inside a crest and the numbers 44. Can someone Help me with this puzzle. Are we talking German or Russian. I know these countries use 916 purity.

.916 (Finland, Portugal, Russia, Romania, Spain, ?) I have pictures if this will help.

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Pictures will help....both of the piece for clues as to origin and a close up of the mark.
Linda C

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Linda, I don't know how to post an optional URL with pictures. Can you email me so I can reply with the pictures at

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A while ago, I posted a piece with a 916 mark & the general consensus was that it was Russian or possibly Finnish, but I didn't have any of the other markings you describe. I've never seen anything with a German purity of .916.

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He emailed me the's the box

And the markings on it..

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This is somewhat of a WAG so take it for what it's worth, LOL!

The only sickle I can find in Tardy's (& I only found this by accident because it is alphabetically next to Russia) was used in Romania around 1955 & it represents the fineness of .916. The caveat is that it should be around a sheaf of wheat(?) & be in an oval with a notch gone out of the side. Lesser finenesses are represented by more notches in different shape cartouches. Maybe the German reich mark acted as an import/duty mark (it was used on any silver having a fineness of at least .800 but I don't know when, or if, it was discontinued). That's the only explanation I can think of for .916 in Germany but maybe it's a place to start for more research.

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Is that 916 or 816? The frst number is not all that clear on my monitor. Bear in mind, I know nothing about silver or the grading thereof.

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At first, I also thought it might be .816 but I couldn't find any reference to that fineness.

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