Delta FL Remodel OSB Question

chem_funJune 20, 2009

Ok. After reading here and other locations on the web, I decided to get Delta FL instead of Dricore. Seems to be good stuff. I got 7/16th OSB to put on top of the Delta FL and we're putting basic pad and laminate on top of that.

Here's the question.

I'm in Michigan. It's suddenly gotten a bit more humid and about 86 degrees.

I laid out 3 strips of Delta FL and put the OSB on top of it last night to test it out and see how it's going to work. I'm not in construction by any means. The OSB is starting to warp over night. YIKES!

Is the laminate going to prevent the OSB from warping? Do I need the tapcon screws? The instructions mention just putting laminate over the Delta FL, do I really need the OSB?

If I don't need the OSB, when do I put the drywall on the walls? Do I put down the Delta FL and then drywall, and then laminate? Or should I Delta FL, Laminate and then drywall?

The rooms are going to be a game room and kids bedroom. Thanks for the help.

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I always do walls first. As you noted, Delta FL says no OSB/ply is needed for the laminate.

I would definitely get a dehumidifier going. It's the single best way to avoid that "basement smell" and the damage that goes along with it.

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I've got the walls built, but should I put the Drywall on first? Or should I set the drywall on top of the delta fl?

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I'm always looking to minimize cleanup and more importantly, damage to finished surfaces. So I would probably put the drywall on first, then FL, then the laminate.

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If you put the drywall up first make sure you have a gap between it and the concrete so it can't wick moisture into.

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