Basement options other than AC for condensation?

adh673June 22, 2010

We have a 20 year old house and a fully finished basement near DC. In the summer, it is hot and humid here. if we open the AC vents in the basement it is freezing cold down there which is not good for our live-in nanny. If we close the AC vents, we get condensation. What is the best solution to this issue? Our basement has never been wet per say. It' a walk-out.

Should we look at a portable dehumidifer so we dont have to have the AC on so much? If so, which one?

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Should we look at a portable dehumidifer


I've had good luck with Woods household units. Not only do dehumidifiers remove the moisture. They provide heat in basements that otherwise tend to get too cold in summer ac climates.

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You do not have to open the vents all the way.

A dehumidifeir will remove the humidity, but also will heat up the space.

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