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janie1979June 1, 2007

I have a very old house with a small dirt basement. The basement houses the hot water heater and the furnace. There is a sump pump to keep the water out but the floor remains muddy much of the time. I rarely need to go down there, but would like to do something so I don't have to wade mud when I do go down to check on something. I was thinking of carrying in bags of crushed driveway gravel (do they sell this in bags at someplace like lowes?) and spreading this on the floor. There does not seem to be any problem with moisture in the house or anything so I guess there is plenty of ventilation down there. Does anyone see a big problem with this? The gravel wouldn't wash into the sump pump pit and clog something up would it? Any better ideas? Must be cheap and a do it yourself job that a woman can do!

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If there is a gravel pit or concrete supply place not too far away. you can try to get crushed gravel there. Get some buckets and shovel your own from a bin. In our area it's about 30 cents a bucket for stuff that casts $2 or $3 at the big box store. I think its a great idea.
When you have the gravel in and still feel ambitious you can buy dry mixed concrete, spread it over and in the gravel, and it will suck up the moisture in the basement and harden by itself. Give you a pretty good floor for very little money.

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