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BridgitNovember 24, 2004

I own a condo,lived here for 8 years.I will be moving ASAP this spring, god willing. Not by my own choice but being force out by my joke of a HOA & Management company.Not only are we being force out but also two other family's. We are all quiet people,that just want to live in peace.We have had little gangs of 9 to 14 years old vandalize our cars,distroy our property and the community's property,over this summer.The children where left alone all summer.The parents of the children are even worse.One mother was selling her prescription drugs& other drugs in our parking lot out in front of her unit.She got busted and got a slap on the wrist even though she sold to undercover agents!

President of HOA does nothing,vice president is the owner of our management company,she does nothing either.

Last year we went to our annual meeting in the dead of winter to complain about the kids always playing in our parking lot near our cars.We wanted signs just like the rest of the condo. Every other building on the property had signs for years No Play area in thire parking lots.So this summer the vice president/management company went ahead and put a bike, skateboard track smack in the center of 4 units that non of us have children! The recreation play area is ,and always has been out away from the units as to not disturb with all the screaming.Where it has been put is not the play area for the kids,but in our back yards near our back doors.

I had to set up a camera to keep a close eye on my cars so the little darling's wouldn't distroy my cars.Well in the process of this we saw the same group of kids breaking every rule up here,including smashing of flower beds,laying behind cars as owners where backing up.So much more but would need to write a book. Well told the Management comp

any about the goings on here,and she was intrested in seeing the tapes.Well she played us so bad I'm still realing from this.She informed the cumminity that the HOA has set up a test camera and fines will be going out.She took full responsiblety for the tapes,and was supposed to leave us out of this,but did ask us if we saw more of the rule breaking going on to inform her.We did,and NO fines are being issued to any one,not even the junkie that is still dealing her pills here! Now she told us I'm going to fine on just your emails as long as you have your tape to cover in case we have to go to court, & you can bring in Your tapes. Well policy is iffy here changes like the weather.Policy is and she said we dont tell who turned anyone in we just say we saw you.But now looks like she wants to hang us all for being the neighborhood watch.She also asked us to keep an eye out so that our cumminity and our property values will go up.

Do you all think this a conflict of intrest with her being vice present and owner of the management company?? I said this to her at last years annual meeting and this year no one is allowed to speak at the meeting!! Always thought thats what the annual meeting was for???I was told I was out of line! Now one of her board members is leaking meeting stuff out to the junkie and the rest of the trash here.We are beginning to think it's her.

Sorry this is so long


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Forget the management company: call the COPS when you see the kids destroying property. Vandalism is a CRIME, not just a HOA rule to break. I hope you kept the tapes.

And yes, being vice present and owner of the management company could be a conflict of interest. A lot depends on the state laws, but not allowing HOA members to speak at the meetings is probably illegal. I'd do some reaserch on the HOA's own regs and your state laws governing them.

If the junkie is STILL selling, call the cops AGAIN. And if nothing happens, call the local paper and explain the whole mess. They LOVE to havve stories of management run amok and cops doing nothing.

If you can get more people to call, better ... the objective is to load the crime stats with all kinds of reports from your area to make it obvious you have a problem.

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Yes, I did call the cops when they messed up my car. But we had no idea who it was. That same day we had to buy a camera,& tv video.Installed it as soon as we came home.Within the next week we got 3 girls cutting up my neighbors car with a pen knife.He viewed our tape and said it was an old car!! I told him to at least go speak with the parents of the girls.He didn't want to,because then he would have to give up my camera!I told him just say you saw it,you don't have to tell them you saw it from my tape. Next day another neighbor got the same treatment done to his car.He also said his car is old!!! He did write the management company,he needed to call the cops it's his property. Four more cars where sliced up,no one reported anything to the police but my husband & myself about our own car.Oh yeah,by the way my cars are old,but at least I called the cops.Well no one around here wants to face anyone,they are all scared of the little 9 to 13 year old girl gang,& the parents.
I believe it is a conflict of intrest,her being vice president and owner of management company,but the entire board say's no it's not.She told me the only way to fine anyone was for me to get a time & date stamp for our camera.Did that still no fines and I'm going back to July. 5 months of video and nothing.
Now we told the owner of the management company the camera is down,& we are not helping any more. More leaks because the kids went right over to my car the side that the camera can't pick up and just to mess with me looked like they were drawing on my car!Camera is so up,i'll not take it down.
Well it's going to be a long winter,as I can not put my unit up on the block until April or May.Found out junkie has gone to contract with her unit so hopefully she will be gone soon.
My husband is handicapped so this move for us is going to be a nightmare. But we can't stay here and fight,we are not rich people.But I will call the cops if they mess with my cars ,& maybe then the parents will wake up.Doubt it.

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"And if nothing happens, call the local paper and explain the whole mess. They LOVE to have stories of management run amok and cops doing nothing."

Depends on where you live, Lazygardens, whether the media chooses to cover this type of story. I live in a city where condo associations are so corrupt (and most likely the cops, too) that the media considers this type of thing too commonplace to rate coverage. Sad, I know. But like they teach you in journalism school: If it bleeds, it leads. Everything else takes a back seat, priority-wise.

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