Are these Louis XV antique chairs?

jemmersApril 1, 2013

Hi, we bought these chairs secondhand and were wondering if anyone knows what style these chairs may be or what they may be worth? I have tried to google Louis XV chairs but have not been able to find any that match these exactly. I am looking at selling them and would appreciate any information someone knowledgeable would have. Thanks in advance.

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Any marking on bottoms. Remind me of hotel chairs in a fancy movie, Maybe Princess Diary- had Julie Andrews taking care of young girl. I think that is movie I'm thinking of saw it on TV & loved the chairs!! The hotel was furnished with antiques but imagine repros have been made so need to check out the construction of the chairs so put pic of under side of chair & how it is put together-bolts screws, wood etc!

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Thanks for your comments. We took a photo of the underside of the chair. It looks like it has been nailed. I don't know if that photo helps.

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The thing that gets me about these chairs is how the designer has elongated them; normally balloon-back Louis chairs are lower; the risers for the back have been stretched taller, and the back has been further elongated and topped with the ribbon bow. This makes me think late 1950's for some reason.

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I agree with Casey. Late 1950s dining chairs, loosely "French" but not worth much except as seating and maybe a reupholstering project. They are a bit too fancy to be "French provincial" and the wrong scale to be true to the Louis XV styles (like the king, the Louis XV furniture tends to be short and rounded)

With the trendy distressed chalk paint and good fabric, they could be good side chairs or extras for dining.

If you can sell them for what you paid, that's good.

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