is a panel-ready DW without panel possible?

munchladylandJanuary 13, 2014

Apologies if this question has been asked before. I remember reading a thread a long time ago about it but I just can't seem to find it.

Our dishwasher is very old and is in terrible condition. We will be remodeling the kitchen in the spring and I was hoping it would limp along until then because I very much want to have a paneled DW in the new kitchen. While unloading it today, though, I noticed that the spray arm on the bottom came off its rotor at some point, and the hardware that held it down was resting on the heating element and had melted into unrecognizable bits of plastic. So, I don't think I can fix that one. (No wonder it does a truly terrible job of cleaning dishes.) The question becomes, is there a way to install a panel-ready DW in the kitchen now and finish it during the remodel, or do I have to give up my dreams of paneled appliances? I seem to remember somebody mounting a piece of plywood to the DW in this situation and that worked temporarily.

Thanks for any advice!

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We used our dishwasher (Bosch) before the panel was installed.

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I lived without a panel for two months on my Bosch like sjhockeyfan; I had the type with the controls at the top and the recessed handle. Didn't even need to cover it.

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Depends on the model.

The issue is the door springs are calibrated for use with a panel, and w/o that weight the door snaps back. Some models won't have anything to grab on to like gooster's - so another problem.

But, you can use a piece of plywood to solve the problem til you get your real cabinets installed. The home centers will cut you one to size for free. 1/2 sheet of ply will run you about $20. You could even order a DW panel from a place like IKEA if you wanted something nicer.

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Yes. I purchased a floor model panel ready Miele Dimension Plus and then had to purchase the stainless door separate from Miele. So, you can purchase the Miele Dimension that way (with or without the stainless door - cost about $200). I haven't tried to remove my stainless door, but I don't see why you couldn't since it wasn't attached with adhesive. I love my Miele and highly recommend it.

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Fori is not pleased

I used panel-ready DW drawers before a remodel (drawers don't have balance issues). They had no handles or anything to grip on so we had to use magnets to open them. Eventually we put off-the-shelf IKEA panels on them that were pretty close in size and under $10 for the pair. IKEA has some door fronts that are cheaper than plywood and clean up better, being melamine.

Those aren't IKEA's better looking doors of course.... :)

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The Bosch panel ready comes with adjustment screws for the door springs, so when the door has no panel you simply adjust the spring tension. Thus, no issues using it without the door. The screws are there because different doors and woods are different weights.

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Sort of gooster - there is adjustment, but..........

The range still factors having weight (of a panel) on the door.

I'm not positive on Bosch, but Miele's won't zero out unless you remove the springs which would be a real pain and more expensive than buying a piece of scrap plywood.

Sure, lots of things could work instead of a panel: Duct tape, magnets, glue and bailing wire, chewing gum, one of those suction handles marketed to elderly people that you see on late nite TV, a bin pull with surface mount screws, and on and on.

Point is - none of them (Bosch included) is DESIGNED to be used with out a panel installed.

Really, are most people buying a $1000+ integrated DW so strapped for time and cash that they cant go down to the homecenter and pick up a piece of wood ?

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I bought a floor sample Miele La Perla II, two years ago. As the stainless panel needed to be ordered, used the dw for a couple of weeks without it. Just adjusted it so the door would stay in place where I put it, then readjusted when I installed the door panel. No issues either way. Just took a couple of twists of the adjusting screws.

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