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haircutcityNovember 1, 2007

There are several large dumpsters that get emptied every week at my apartments, however,some residents are too lazy to walk to a dumpster that is not too full and they leave trash bags full of garbage BESIDE the dumpster. Then other tenants decide this is the new landfill and they pile their trash on too. I expect soon their will be a rat problem since the garbage collection will not get out of the truck to pick up trash beside the dumpsters that they empyt mechanically. Management of my complex cannot do anything, because this particular dumpster that trash is around belongs to the condos next door. I have spoken to several people affilliated with them, and their mgmt. says they are going to have the dumpster moved closer to their property, but it may be awhile. In the mean time, I get so enraged when I see another trash bag that some lazy slob has left. I am tempted to actually go through the trash just to get a name from mail perhaps and leave a note or message to make them feel stupid. Any ideas?

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Call the Health Department. Problem solved.

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I feel your pain.My apartment complex is actually very beautiful outside.Yet,there are always people who litter (mainly children whose parents obviously didnt teach them littering is wrong!) There have been days I have walked around the complex and picked up the trash myself!

Anyways,I agree with bud wi.Call the Health department.Trash on the ground is a big no-no.

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