Basement entry help

ndemicJune 12, 2009


I really need some ideas for this basement front entrance, itÂs become an albatross as far as what to do.

Recently remodeled the basement, this being the last thing to do.

The door is not a problem, itÂs just the finish around the door, donÂt really want to use vinyl or wood siding, brick veneer?

Well itÂs expensive and special order really donÂt want to wait.

IÂm open to anything as long as it looks nice and reasonably priced, any ideas would greatly appreciated.

Thanks again

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It certainly has a kind of gritty urban charm. Maybe a hideaway for the Punisher.

The door is not a problem, itÂs just the finish around the door

In keeping with the general ambiance, an unadorned solid steel industrial entry would seem most appropriate. One of the most impressive lofts I've seen was hidden behind the most brutal exterior.

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It is gritty to say the least,I will be replacing the door,think i did not explain that.
I meant should I brick up around the door,stucco?

A steel door might be to commercial.

thanks again

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Your entry reminds me of the harder areas of Queens. (Even in the nicer section, steel bars and grilles are common.)

If it were mine, I'd keep it rough and ready and uninviting. Commercial with a steel frame with only a small lite or none. Once the door is in, rough brick or filled block with rebar or solid concrete blocks; stucco finish on top if you wish.

(Excuse me if I've misjudged your community or neighbourhood! Our tony few square miles still experiences its share of grow ops, occasional murders and daylight burglaries.)

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