The pounding upstairs continues...

kweenie97October 26, 2005

Well, I finally called the leasing office today about the neighbor upstairs. Over the past week or so we've had increasing noise level from upstairs; stuff being dropped on the floor, loud voices, seriously hours of pacing at 2am in high heels on what we've now confirmed is a wood floor in her bedroom over our's. I told him that I can handle the noise upstairs in the rest of the apartment to a degree but the noise over our bedroom has just GOT to stop. She woke both hubby and I up (from a Nyquil induced sleep from me which usually means I'm out cold) this weekend stomping around in her bedroom from 2am-4:30am with a grand finale of noisy sex to boot.

I explained to the leasing office how much noise is being transfered into our bedroom from a lack of any kind of sound proofing combined with her just absolutley LOUD life-style. So the leasing office is going to send her a stern letter.


I asked what then. He said that if the noise level upstairs isn't going down to let them know and they'll send her a more threatening letter.

I sighed and said not to be cynical but how long would you like me to wait before calling you back because I've already explained to this girl exactly what is going on that's causing us the disturbance and she doesn't care or try to change. He said give it a week.

I did ask about the possibility of carpeting her bedroom to give us SOME relief and he said it wasn't likely they'd do that in an occupied apartment. I don't see why not....they waited until after she'd moved in to completely remodel her kitchen and bathroom.

It doesn't help at all either that the resident manager that we're supposed to be able to call for cases like this NEVER answers her phone or returns messages. I've tried like 5 or 6 times. :o( Sorry to vent so long, I'm just really down to about my last nerve with this whole thing.

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I don't see how it is the fault of the person who lives above you. If people who owned multi-level apartments actually took care of them and made an effort to soundproof the floors there wouldnt be much of a problem.

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Well, I agree to an extent. Someone else had made a comment about how there's a give and take when you live in an apartment building. And there is, which is why I realize that we're never going to have the noise eliminated. But at the same time too, I've asked that she make some small changes to do what she not wear high heels in the bedroom, especially for several hours at a time to be pacing around. I don't think that's too unreasonable to ask while we figuring this all out with the building people and yet she refuses. I just want to find a way to sleep through the night, that's all.

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I'm w/ you Kweenie--*some* noise is inevitable.

But lots of pacing in the bedroom in the middle of the night it out of line. You can't expect the bldg to be completely soundproof.

You can't sleep, or you're fooling around, and it's 2am? Go in the living room. or knock it off. People are sleeping.

You come home in the middle of the night and need to put stuff way before you climb into bed? Take off your shoes, and try to walk softly; people are sleeping. The folks downstairs should put up w/ the occasional walk across the room, bcs hey, they live in an apartment and you can't stop living just bcs they're asleep.

It's a matter of degrees.

And I'm a little surprised the lease doesn't require rugs; ours does. (of course, we're owners, so rugs are out problem; it may be harder for renters to buy them; hence it's reasonable for you to demand the owners carpet her bedroom, or at LEAST buy a hemmed remnant and insist she use it.)

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Thanks Tally. At this point if she would put it down, I would even be willing to buy a rug or reminant with some padding under neath. I called the resident manager again Thursday night/Fridy morning at 2:45am after almost an hour of the pacing and "rolling" sounds (like something's on wheels that she drags or pushes around the floor). And for the first time EVER the resident manager answered the phone! She was incredibly sympathetic and apparently this girl already has noise complaints in her file so the RM was going to give her one last warning and let her know that from now on the police will be called instead. We spent the night at my parents last night as we have a wedding this afternoon so we'll see how things are when we get home tonight. I hope she's not loud again....hubby has to work at 7am tomorrow. :o(

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